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134 restaurants listed for Knaphill over 38 categories

Fish and Seafood Restaurants

Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Knaphill



Japanese Restaurants

Japanese Restaurants in Knaphill



Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants in Knaphill



Buffet Restaurants

Buffet Restaurants in Knaphill



Thai Restaurants

Thai Restaurants in Knaphill



Czech Restaurants

Czech Restaurants in Knaphill



Chesapeake Restaurants

Chesapeake Restaurants in Knaphill



Fish and Chips Restaurants

Fish and Chips Restaurants in Knaphill



Turkish Restaurants

Turkish Restaurants in Knaphill



Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants in Knaphill



Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants in Knaphill



Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants in Knaphill



Korean Restaurants

Korean Restaurants in Knaphill



Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian Restaurants in Knaphill



Bangladeshi Restaurants

Bangladeshi Restaurants in Knaphill



Vietnamese Restaurants

Vietnamese Restaurants in Knaphill



French Restaurants

French Restaurants in Knaphill



Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Restaurants in Knaphill



English Restaurants

English Restaurants in Knaphill



Spanish Restaurants

Spanish Restaurants in Knaphill



Greek Restaurants

Greek Restaurants in Knaphill



Irish Restaurants

Irish Restaurants in Knaphill



Hot Dog Restaurants

Hot Dog Restaurants in Knaphill



Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants in Knaphill



Sushi Restaurants

Sushi Restaurants in Knaphill



Eastern European Restaurants

Eastern European Restaurants in Knaphill



Continental Restaurants

Continental Restaurants in Knaphill



Vegan Restaurants

Vegan Restaurants in Knaphill



Korean Barbecue Restaurants

Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Knaphill



Belgian Restaurants

Belgian Restaurants in Knaphill



Asian Restaurants

Asian Restaurants in Knaphill



Tapas Restaurants

Tapas Restaurants in Knaphill



British Restaurants

British Restaurants in Knaphill



Ethiopian Restaurants

Ethiopian Restaurants in Knaphill



Cantonese Restaurants

Cantonese Restaurants in Knaphill



Chophouse Restaurants

Chophouse Restaurants in Knaphill



Family Restaurants

Family Restaurants in Knaphill



Other Restaurants

Other Restaurants in Knaphill



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Top fish and seafood restaurants in Knaphill

Fish and Seafood Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top japanese restaurants in Knaphill


Top mexican restaurants in Knaphill

Mexican Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top buffet restaurants in Knaphill

  • Jade Garden - Byfleet, West Byfleet

    60 High Road, Byfleet, West Byfleet, KT14 7QL

    6 miles away

    5 star reviewJade Garden has their own website: (backup website: This restaurant is very famous and excellent ...

  • Pizza Hut Delivery - Hounslow

    West Leisure Park Browells Lane, Hounslow, TW4 7DN

    14.4 miles away

    1 star reviewWeb order arrived all incorrect, main complaint is the appalling service received by Manager Sunny, it took 6 attempts to ...


Top thai restaurants in Knaphill

  • Thai Square - Richmond

    29 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NQ

    16.7 miles away

    5 star reviewGreat place to be on the weekends. Nice ambiance, delicious food and friendly staff. If you are looking for authentic ...

  • Montien - Richmond

    214 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, TW9 2EQ

    17.6 miles away

    1 star reviewDreadful!

  • Nay Thai - Surbiton

    12 Saint James' Road, Surbiton, KT6 4QH

    14.3 miles away

    1 star reviewwe had a lovely first dinner at Nay Thai. However, 2nd dinner was a disaster. After 15mn on the phone ...


Top czech restaurants in Knaphill

  • La Bettola - Slough

    Colnbrook Lodge Bath Road, Slough, SL3 0NZ

    11.9 miles away

    5 star reviewAmazing food, great service and such a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  • Ume Restaurant - Claygate, Esher

    4 The Parade, Claygate, Esher, KT10 0NU

    11.9 miles away

    5 star reviewBest Chinese resturant around, food is 1st class with a varied menu and the chef is more than accommodating if ...

  • Harvester Two Rivers - Staines upon Thames, Staines

    14-18 High Street, Staines upon Thames, Staines, TW18 4BL

    9 miles away

    5 star reviewit is a clean place with good service and food . The salad bar is full, clean and hot bread ...

  • New Happy Fountain - Church Crookham, Fleet

    10 Woolmead Road Ridgeway Parade, Church Crookham, Fleet, GU52 6NY

    10.5 miles away

    5 star reviewbest chinese takeaway food i've ever tasted, great prive too!

  • Bamboo Garden - Guildford

    13 Guildford Park Road, Guildford, GU2 7NA

    5.9 miles away

    5 star reviewbeen going for over 40 years still our favorite place to go never had any problems just good food


Top chesapeake restaurants in Knaphill

  • Bengal Lancer - Aldershot

    354 High Street, Aldershot, GU12 4LU

    8 miles away

    4 star reviewMy husband and I have been here several times and never had a bad meal. Once their chicken korma was ...

  • Domino's Pizza Reading Earley - Reading

    95 Wokingham Road, Reading, RG6 1LH

    16.5 miles away

    1 star reviewOur order took 2hours and 15mins to arrive and when it did get to us it was extremely cold. ...

  • Papa John's Pizza - Egham

    87 High Street, Egham, TW20 9HF

    8.4 miles away

    1 star review Is one of those franchises (PAPA JOHNS PIZZA SLOUGH) which didn't deliver what they claim to be one of the ...


Top fish and chips restaurants in Knaphill


Top turkish restaurants in Knaphill

  • Marmaris Kebab - Wokingham

    128 Ashridge Road, Wokingham, RG40 1PH

    11.3 miles away

    1 star reviewAwful service. Ordered my food and drinks and the drinks never turned up, said they would deliver and never did. ...


Top italian restaurants in Knaphill


Top indian restaurants in Knaphill


Top chinese restaurants in Knaphill

  • So's Kitchen - Woking

    1 White Rose Lane, Woking, GU22 7AA

    2.5 miles away

    5 star reviewBest Chinese for miles highly recommended

  • Hong Kong - Windsor

    2 Alexandra Road, Windsor, SL4 1HH

    11 miles away

    5 star reviewGood food are to be shared. This interesting restaurant serves very very good food at very reasonable price. Large portion ...

  • Golden Valley - Wokingham

    27 Barrett Crescent, Wokingham, RG40 1UR

    11 miles away

    4 star reviewBy far the best chippy in Wokingham. Whoever said the negative comment is a buffoon or works in a different ...

  • Green Water Chinese Restaurant - Chertsey

    48 Guildford Street, Chertsey, KT16 9BE

    6.6 miles away

    4 star reviewAn excellent meal It was also enjoyed by our Australian visitors, who are quite choosy.

  • Yumi Yumi - FARNBOROUGH

    177 Lynchford Rd, FARNBOROUGH, GU14 6HD

    6.4 miles away

    4 star reviewOne of the best local Chinese restraunts in the local area,very good food and friendly environment,


Top korean restaurants in Knaphill


Top vegetarian restaurants in Knaphill

Vegetarian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top bangladeshi restaurants in Knaphill

  • Indian Hut Takeaway - Ash, Aldershot

    248 Shawfield Road, Ash, Aldershot, GU12 5DJ

    6.4 miles away

    5 star reviewExcellent food and service

  • Mogul - Bagshot

    13 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5HJ

    4.5 miles away

    4 star reviewI have been a regular visitor to the Mogul since the 1990's and have had the pleasure of watching this ...


Top vietnamese restaurants in Knaphill

Vietnamese Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top french restaurants in Knaphill


Top pizza restaurants in Knaphill

  • Papas Pizza - Feltham

    High Street, Feltham, TW13 4HT

    11.8 miles away

    1 star reviewDon't Bother ! Kept waiting to actually place our order, waited over an hour before we actually cancelled our order, ...


Top english restaurants in Knaphill

  • Whiteleys - Headley, Bordon

    Standford La, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8RA

    17.7 miles away

    5 star reviewWhiteley's is a fine Steak and Seafood Restaurant,offering Filipino food too.We also do a lovely Carvery on a Sunday as ...

  • Golden Grill - Ashford

    81A Church Road, Ashford, TW15 2PE

    10.2 miles away

    3 star reviewNeed to put a menu on website

  • Windale Brook - Bagshot

    39 London Road, Bagshot, GU19 5EG

    4.5 miles away

    1 star reviewfull of travelers swearing all the time so no good for people with children


Top spanish restaurants in Knaphill

  • Yorkshire Rose - Warfield, Bracknell

    Forest Road, Warfield, Bracknell, RG42 6AE

    9.8 miles away

    3 star reviewGood food but service was mediocre. Drinks took ages and wait staff only came over every 30 mins or so. ...


Top greek restaurants in Knaphill

Greek Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top irish restaurants in Knaphill

Irish Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top hot dog restaurants in Knaphill

Hot Dog Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top fine dining restaurants in Knaphill

Fine Dining Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top sushi restaurants in Knaphill

Sushi Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top eastern european restaurants in Knaphill

Eastern European Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top continental restaurants in Knaphill

Continental Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top vegan restaurants in Knaphill

  • Delhiwala - Southall

    11 King Street, Southall, UB2 4DG

    16 miles away

    5 star reviewDelhiwala's food is excellent - just like home-cooked food. Very authentic Indian and full of flavour! Excellent service - ...

  • Sita Veggie Foods - Chessington

    54 Nigel Fisher Way, Chessington, KT9 2SW

    13.1 miles away

    5 star reviewGood portion of food and good taste at reasonable price, but the only thing you need to remember is to ...


Top korean barbecue restaurants in Knaphill

Korean Barbecue Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top belgian restaurants in Knaphill

Belgian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top asian restaurants in Knaphill

  • Indian Palace Restaurant - Feltham

    414 Staines Road, Feltham, TW14 8BT

    12.1 miles away

    5 star reviewthey always do complimentry poppodam

  • Delhiwala - Hounslow

    72 Vicarage Farm Road, Hounslow, TW5 0AB

    14.7 miles away

    2 star reviewWent to have a lunch but quite disappointed really. Decent food but appalling service. Tables and cutleries could have been ...

  • Greenleaf Catering & Event management - Southall

    27 Vine Lane, Southall, UB2 4SE

    16.7 miles away

    1 star reviewThey ruined our day. They promise the best service but on the day of your wedding they could not care ...


Top tapas restaurants in Knaphill

Tapas Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top british restaurants in Knaphill

British Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top ethiopian restaurants in Knaphill

Ethiopian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top cantonese restaurants in Knaphill

Cantonese Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top chophouse restaurants in Knaphill

Chophouse Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top family restaurants in Knaphill

Family Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top other restaurants in Knaphill

  • LOrtolan - Reading

    Church Lane, Reading, RG2

    15.6 miles away

    5 star reviewExcellent. Superb presentation and service. Best in reading.

  • Layla - Esher

    110 High Street, Esher, KT10 9QL

    11.2 miles away

    5 star reviewThe best restaurant I've ever been to. Great service, the food is delicious and the atmosphere amazing! Highly recommended!

  • Waterfall - Earley, Reading

    4 The Parade, Earley, Reading, RG6 7NZ

    15.7 miles away

    5 star reviewWhad sit down meal in waterfall superb food and service was fantastic perfect place to eat out will be going ...

  • Glo Restaurants - Walton on Thames, Surrey

    Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 1GH

    9.5 miles away

    5 star reviewDaily lunch special is very nice and much to choose from. Some very great offers their and i myself very ...

  • Caesars - Leatherhead

    25 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DN

    12.4 miles away

    5 star reviewOut standing food super place to go and eat with friends and family, can't wait to vist again. A must ...