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85 leisure listed for Waterloo over 18 categories

Car Servicing

Car Servicing in Waterloo



Dj Hire

Dj Hire in Waterloo



Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers in Waterloo



Band Entertainment

Band Entertainment in Waterloo




Karaoke in Waterloo



Venue Hire

Venue Hire in Waterloo



Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment in Waterloo



Event Photography

Event Photography in Waterloo



Windscreen Repair

Windscreen Repair in Waterloo



Fireworks Entertainment

Fireworks Entertainment in Waterloo



Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding in Waterloo




Photographers in Waterloo



Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire in Waterloo



Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons in Waterloo



Car Washes

Car Washes in Waterloo



Pony Riding

Pony Riding in Waterloo



Cake Makers

Cake Makers in Waterloo



Dog Walking

Dog Walking in Waterloo



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Best reviews

Top car servicing in Waterloo

  • Kwik Fit - Christchurch

    14 Cortry Close Airfield Way, Christchurch, BH23 3PE

    10.6 miles away

    5 star reviewExcellent service. And very friendly staff, will go back again.

  • Hughes Workshop - Poole

    14 Cortry Close, Poole, BH12 4BQ

    3.2 miles away

    1 star reviewVery poor service Manager very rude and the Lady and reception rude as well

  • Protyre Poole - Poole

    7 Cabot Lane, Poole, BH17 7BX

    0.4 miles away

    1 star reviewThe worst service i ever head. They tell me I had to wait half an hour to get the car ...


Top dj hire in Waterloo

Dj Hire yet to be reviewed


Top wedding flowers in Waterloo

Wedding Flowers yet to be reviewed


Top band entertainment in Waterloo

Band Entertainment yet to be reviewed


Top karaoke in Waterloo


Top venue hire in Waterloo

Venue Hire yet to be reviewed


Top wedding entertainment in Waterloo

Wedding Entertainment yet to be reviewed


Top event photography in Waterloo

Event Photography yet to be reviewed


Top windscreen repair in Waterloo

Windscreen Repair yet to be reviewed


Top fireworks entertainment in Waterloo

Fireworks Entertainment yet to be reviewed


Top dog boarding in Waterloo

Dog Boarding yet to be reviewed


Top photographers in Waterloo

  • In The Frame - Highcliffe

    362 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5EY

    12.6 miles away

    5 star reviewA great place to go for a very professional service.


Top marquee hire in Waterloo

Marquee Hire yet to be reviewed


Top guitar lessons in Waterloo

Guitar Lessons yet to be reviewed


Top car washes in Waterloo

Car Washes yet to be reviewed


Top pony riding in Waterloo


Top cake makers in Waterloo

Cake Makers yet to be reviewed


Top dog walking in Waterloo

Dog Walking yet to be reviewed