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Wednesday 23rd September 2020 3:46 pm


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Waterloo Hotel Allenscott Sir William Hill Road A6, Taddington SK17 9TJ Wedding Entertainment
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01298 85230 No website listed yet OPEN now


Reviews of Waterloo Hotel

        1 star out of 5
        2 reviews


  • 1 star reviewWe've been to this pub several times as a group, and always had a fantastic time. We were even invited to the previous landlady's leaving do. Unfortunately the new management failed to see the advantages in having 20-30 customers staying for the weekend, all eating in the pub, paying for camping and putting money across the bar all night! They were rude and unwelcoming from the moment we started turning up, and seemed to take a dislike to us from the off. Their attitude to customer service was shocking, the food was hit and miss at best, with some meals taking over an hour to turn up. I had a burger which tasted like it had been sat under a heat lamp for the best part of the 40 minutes I waited for it. The landlady made you feel like ordering a drink at the bar was a chore for her, and then spent the majority of the night either glaring at us, or making snide comments about us to the other customers, of which there were only 4 all night so you would of though she would have been glad of the business? They took issue with where we sat in the pub, they didn't open the pub for breakfast despite one of out group booking bed & breakfast. All together a poor way to run a business, and a disgraceful way to treat paying guests who had come from all over the country and even further afield.
    Mark Parry Reviewed 22nd September 2013 8:45 PM
  • 1 star reviewWe were looking forward to (another ) cracking weekend at the Waterloo - what previously has been the most welcoming and biker-friendly of hostelries....twenty of us, two nights camping, eating lots of delicious food and enjoying the bar facilities. However, Under the new management this was not to be. The landlady was at best unfriendly, and at worst incredibly rude indeed. All this before we had even sat down. We were about to settle down by the fire when the landlady came and asked us to move to the opposite end of the pub - where it was freezing cold and un welcoming. i asked why couldnt we stay where we were - she said "other people may want to sit here" . I said well there isnt anyone else in the whole pub - so why would we need to move out of the way? The landlady was incredibly rude and eventually stomped off. Had we not been expecting people from as far afield as Holland, and the outer reaches of Scotland, we would have left by this point. One of the party had booked a room in the pub - the bed was unmade, lightbulb not working, mouldy shower curtain,bin full of the previous guests rubbish. When asked to change the bulb,the language used by the landlord was foul. I ordered a veggie lasagne , it came and was absolutely burnt to a crisp - black. I wish i had photographed it. As things were already so unpleasant i was reluctant to complain, but my partner took it back to the bar.An hour later i was still waiting for my food. I enquired why, the poor waitress (who I felt very sorry for) was despatched from the kitchen to tell me that "That is how it comes". I was appalled, and needless to say i went hungry. Food ordered by other people was very disappointing - dry tasteless burger, over cooked steak... The landlady then spent the evening being as rude as possible to us, and vocalising her opinions with choice language , to the only other customers - of which there were only four the entire evening. Unsurprising that there were no other patrons really given the appalling attitude of the landlord and his wife. The following morning, despite having booked Bed & Breakfast, the lady staying in the pub could not get any breakfast as the pub was locked up. We decided to cut our losses and leave - one of the guys couldnt pay his tab( £20)as the place was locked up. We had to find alternative camping etc for 25 people, which was preferable to staying another minute. We were treated appallingly. The next day, a policeman knocks on our front door ( we only live ten minutes away) as the landlady had rung the police as one of the party had not paid his bill..... the landlord had our number and could have easily rung us - but preferred to send a policeman to trace the number for our address..... What a complete waste of public money. And the guy had tried to pay but they wouldnt open up to let him in. £20. !!!!!. If this is the new management then I can only assume they won't be there long.
    jill simner Reviewed 22nd September 2013 4:58 PM

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