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176 restaurants listed for Woolston over 48 categories

Fish and Seafood Restaurants

Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Woolston



Bangladeshi Restaurants

Bangladeshi Restaurants in Woolston



Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants in Woolston



Thai Restaurants

Thai Restaurants in Woolston



Vegan Restaurants

Vegan Restaurants in Woolston



Greek Restaurants

Greek Restaurants in Woolston



American Restaurants

American Restaurants in Woolston



Fish and Chips Restaurants

Fish and Chips Restaurants in Woolston



French Restaurants

French Restaurants in Woolston



Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants in Woolston



English Restaurants

English Restaurants in Woolston



Belgian Restaurants

Belgian Restaurants in Woolston



Turkish Restaurants

Turkish Restaurants in Woolston



Eastern European Restaurants

Eastern European Restaurants in Woolston



Cantabrian Restaurants

Cantabrian Restaurants in Woolston



Spanish Restaurants

Spanish Restaurants in Woolston



Japanese Restaurants

Japanese Restaurants in Woolston



Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants in Woolston



Asian Restaurants

Asian Restaurants in Woolston



Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants in Woolston



Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants in Woolston



Brunch Restaurants

Brunch Restaurants in Woolston



Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Restaurants in Woolston



Chicken Wings Restaurants

Chicken Wings Restaurants in Woolston



Irish Restaurants

Irish Restaurants in Woolston



Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants in Woolston



Afghani Restaurants

Afghani Restaurants in Woolston



Breakfast Restaurants

Breakfast Restaurants in Woolston



Ethiopian Restaurants

Ethiopian Restaurants in Woolston



Continental Restaurants

Continental Restaurants in Woolston



Colombian Restaurants

Colombian Restaurants in Woolston



African Restaurants

African Restaurants in Woolston



Chesapeake Restaurants

Chesapeake Restaurants in Woolston



Cuban Restaurants

Cuban Restaurants in Woolston



Czech Restaurants

Czech Restaurants in Woolston



Berry Restaurants

Berry Restaurants in Woolston



Tapas Restaurants

Tapas Restaurants in Woolston



British Restaurants

British Restaurants in Woolston



Burrito Restaurants

Burrito Restaurants in Woolston



Kosher Restaurants

Kosher Restaurants in Woolston



Central American Restaurants

Central American Restaurants in Woolston



Hamburger Restaurants

Hamburger Restaurants in Woolston



Chicken Restaurants

Chicken Restaurants in Woolston



Chilean Restaurants

Chilean Restaurants in Woolston



Dim Sum Restaurants

Dim Sum Restaurants in Woolston



Family Restaurants

Family Restaurants in Woolston



Jamaican Restaurants

Jamaican Restaurants in Woolston



Other Restaurants

Other Restaurants in Woolston



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Best reviews

Top fish and seafood restaurants in Woolston

Fish and Seafood Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top bangladeshi restaurants in Woolston

Bangladeshi Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top fine dining restaurants in Woolston

  • Hilton Southampton - Chilworth, Southampton

    Bracken Place, Chilworth, Southampton, SO16 3NG

    4.4 miles away

    4 star review2 night stay for Goodwood Revival, Saturday and Sunday night, room was comfortable and very clean hotel staff were ...


Top thai restaurants in Woolston


Top vegan restaurants in Woolston

  • Kings Head - Lymington

    The Square, Lymington, SO41 3AR

    11.6 miles away

    5 star reviewThe fist time I came here was on a cold foggy night, walking down Quay here was like being thrown ...

  • Indian Melody - Southampton

    25 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF

    1.3 miles away

    4 star reviewExcellent service and attentive staff

  • Namaste Kerala - City Centre, Southampton

    4 Civic Centre Road, City Centre, Southampton, SO14 7FL

    1.6 miles away

    2 star reviewFood just not up to scratch. In fact our dishes were cold. Also waiters who actually give a cr*p about ...


Top greek restaurants in Woolston

Greek Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top american restaurants in Woolston

American Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top fish and chips restaurants in Woolston

  • Lowford Fish & Chips - Southampton

    Portsmouth Road, Southampton, SO31 8EP

    2.7 miles away

    5 star reviewI have used this takeaway a number of times and found that the fish is freshly cooked to order ...

  • Sandra's Fish & Chips - Eastleigh

    112 Chamberlayne Road, Eastleigh, SO50 5JF

    5.1 miles away

    3 star reviewWe love the fish and chips and always go there - We've always found the people to be polite and ...


Top french restaurants in Woolston

French Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top italian restaurants in Woolston

Italian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top english restaurants in Woolston

  • Christinas - Southampton

    82 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HQ

    1.2 miles away

    5 star reviewWe regularly eat at Christina's restaurant and have not found another restaurant to compare with their delicious freshly cooked food. ...

  • Chesil Rectory Restaurant - Winchester

    1 Chesil Street, Winchester, SO23 0HU

    12 miles away

    1 star reviewThe look of the place is the best thing going for this place, Had dinner here recently, Food was ok,starter was good, my ...


Top belgian restaurants in Woolston

Belgian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top turkish restaurants in Woolston

Turkish Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top eastern european restaurants in Woolston

  • Waitrose - East Cowes, Isle of Wight

    21 Clarence Road Commercial Road Albany Road Well Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO32 6SP

    10 miles away

    5 star reviewLElevel parking and easy disabled access.Wheelchar available .Staff helpful P

  • Nicks Restaurant - Southampton

    83-84 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HQ

    1.2 miles away

    5 star reviewOh yes still great food lovely atmosphere 5 star all the way for me


Top cantabrian restaurants in Woolston

  • Mange2 Deli - Alresford

    44-46 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AU

    16.5 miles away

    1 star reviewThey sell products that are expired! Should more often check what's on the shelves...I suppose who of them cares!


Top spanish restaurants in Woolston

Spanish Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top japanese restaurants in Woolston

Japanese Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top mexican restaurants in Woolston

Mexican Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top asian restaurants in Woolston

  • Bahar Tandoori - Cowes

    44 High Street, Cowes, PO31 7RR

    9.6 miles away

    5 star reviewamazing food. beautiful atmosphere and the most welcoming staff ever. a must for all curry lovers!


Top chinese restaurants in Woolston

  • Chows Dynasty - Southampton

    1 Holly Cl, Southampton, SO31 7BW

    4.2 miles away

    5 star reviewExcellent food value for money service second to none staff are very nice and helpful

  • Lotus - New Milton

    65 Old Milton Road, New Milton, BH25 6DN

    15.8 miles away

    2 star reviewMworst chinese ive ever ever had, really nice people but the food is just horrid, try the bbq sauce, well ...

  • Mandarin Garden Chandlers Ford - Eastleigh

    97 Winchester Road, Eastleigh, SO50 2GG

    6.6 miles away

    1 star reviewHow can you call this Chinese food Romanians cooking your food . A little boy running around the kitchen,very dangerous ...


Top indian restaurants in Woolston

  • Monsoon - Ryde

    133 High St, Ryde, PO33 2RJ

    14.8 miles away

    5 star reviewAbsolute delightful find fantastic dishes to melt your palet can't wait to order again soon

  • Cafe Tusk - Fareham

    24 West Street, Fareham, PO16 0LF

    11.4 miles away

    5 star reviewWhat a wonderful lunch could not find any faults

  • Purple mango - East Cowes, Cowes

    24 Castle Street, East Cowes, Cowes, PO32 6RD

    10 miles away

    3 star reviewNot sure about the above review. I use this place regularly and both staff and food are great

  • Cinnamon - Ryde

    4 Union St, Ryde, PO33 2DU

    14.5 miles away

    3 star reviewAlways outstanding food very fragrant and fresh good deal on Wednesdays beer expensive but similar to other restaurants of similar ...

  • Blue Cobra - Portsmouth

    87 London Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0BN

    14 miles away

    1 star reviewI would rather set fire to my money than order food from here again. The worst, coldest, greasy food at ...


Top brunch restaurants in Woolston

  • Lou Lou's Cafe - Southsea

    37 Marmion Road, Southsea, PO5 2AT

    14.7 miles away

    5 star reviewLou Lou's cafe is the most perfect French cafe. It's ambience is out of the world, great value for money ...


Top pizza restaurants in Woolston

Pizza Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top chicken wings restaurants in Woolston

Chicken Wings Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top irish restaurants in Woolston

Irish Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top fast food restaurants in Woolston


Top afghani restaurants in Woolston

Afghani Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top breakfast restaurants in Woolston

  • Robertos Pizza - Southampton

    166 Windermere Avenue, Southampton, SO16 9GA

    4.4 miles away

    3 star reviewGreat food though it took 45 minutes to get through to them and at least an hour waiting and it's ...


Top ethiopian restaurants in Woolston

Ethiopian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top continental restaurants in Woolston

Continental Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top colombian restaurants in Woolston

Colombian Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top african restaurants in Woolston

African Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top chesapeake restaurants in Woolston

Chesapeake Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top cuban restaurants in Woolston

Cuban Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top czech restaurants in Woolston

  • Good Luck Chinese - Eastleigh

    79 Twyford Road, Eastleigh, SO50 4HH

    5.9 miles away

    5 star reviewamazing food and amazing sevice!!!

  • Chinatown Take Away - Christchurch

    249 Lymington Road, Christchurch, BH23 5EB

    17.6 miles away

    5 star reviewgreat food and excellent service!

  • Woks Wong - Portsmouth

    79 Elm Grove, Portsmouth, PO5 1JF

    14.5 miles away

    2 star reviewI have always ordered from this Chinese Takeaway but am very disappointed that on Saturday, I have the worst one ...

  • Kingfisher - Southsea

    10 Albert Road, Southsea, PO5 2SH

    14.8 miles away

    2 star reviewEven though the staff seem friendly the extra charge for there sit down service is not on par with there ...


Top berry restaurants in Woolston

Berry Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top tapas restaurants in Woolston

Tapas Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top british restaurants in Woolston

British Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top burrito restaurants in Woolston

Burrito Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top kosher restaurants in Woolston

Kosher Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top central american restaurants in Woolston

  • New Forest Lavender - Salisbury

    Giles Lane, Salisbury, SP5 2BG

    12 miles away

    4 star reviewMy husband loved the cheese scone nicely presented.been before just across field from where we live will be going again


Top hamburger restaurants in Woolston


Top chicken restaurants in Woolston

  • KFC - Portsmouth

    250 - 252 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, PO1 1HH

    14.1 miles away

    1 star review24 hours please


Top chilean restaurants in Woolston

Chilean Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top dim sum restaurants in Woolston

Dim Sum Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top family restaurants in Woolston

Family Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top jamaican restaurants in Woolston

Jamaican Restaurants yet to be reviewed


Top other restaurants in Woolston

  • Tamarinds - Southampton

    38A Portsmouth Road, Southampton, SO19 9AD

    0.4 miles away

    5 star reviewwell what can i say about these guys, they are very well dressed and well mannered,love going there forthe food ...

  • Mandarin Chef - Romsey

    Winchester Road, Romsey, SO51 9AL

    8.3 miles away

    5 star reviewExcellent. Would defiently recommend. Food was outstanding and fantastic value for money. ******

  • Dragon Restaurant - Fareham

    999 let's be avenue, Fareham, PO16 7SQ

    8.8 miles away

    5 star reviewLove the food. Cant fault it. always 1st class food

  • Lauros Brasserie - Fareham

    8 High Street, Fareham, PO16 7AN

    9.3 miles away

    5 star reviewThe food is imaginative,with a good wholesome taste with the delicate touch and presentation. I would certainly go there again and ...

  • Jireh House - Freshwater, Yarmouth

    Saint James' Square, Freshwater, Yarmouth, PO41 0

    14 miles away

    5 star reviewWe have been to Jireh restaurant at least twice and each time the food was amazing, with very good, friendly ...