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189 home improvement listed for Alton over 32 categories


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Roofing Services in Alton




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Audio Visual Consultants in Alton




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Painter Decorators in Alton



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Removal Services in Alton



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Kitchen Design and Installation in Alton



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Tiling Contractors in Alton



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Central Heating Services in Alton



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Interior Designers in Alton



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Arborist and Tree Surgeons in Alton



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CCTV Equipment and Services in Alton




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Curtain Maker and Retailers in Alton




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Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers in Alton



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Air Conditioning Contractors in Alton



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Double Glazing Installers in Alton



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Architectural Designers in Alton



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Deck Builders in Alton



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Pest Control in Alton




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Conservatory Supply and Installation in Alton




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Best reviews

Top architects in Alton

Architects yet to be reviewed


Top plumbers in Alton

Plumbers yet to be reviewed


Top plasterers in Alton

  • Plastering R J B - Yateley

    59 Tudor Drive, Yateley, GU46 6DB

    14 miles away

    5 star reviewexcellent service, polite, prompt and great quality finish

  • A W S Plastering - Ash, Aldershot

    8 Ash Lodge Drive, Ash, Aldershot, GU12 6LP

    12.8 miles away

    4 star reviewHighly professional plasterer. Clean and reliable. Would recommend.

  • Plaster Master - Bisley, Woking

    107 Queens Road, Bisley, Woking, GU24 9AT

    18.5 miles away

    3 star reviewFinished to a high standard, very considerate and highly recommended, thank you


Top electricians in Alton

  • Phil James Car Electrician - Finchampstead

    118 Oxenden Road, Finchampstead, RG40 4JR

    15.4 miles away

    1 star reviewMy wife broke down at the petrol station next door, apparently a flat battery. Charged £120 to supply & fit ...

  • Dudman Ward - Fernhurst, Haslemere

    6 Crossfield, Fernhurst, Haslemere, GU27 3JL

    12.9 miles away

    1 star reviewGone out of business a couple of years ago. Overpriced and took too long doing work


Top roofing services in Alton

  • Winchester Roofing - Winchester

    1 Milland Road, Winchester, SO23 0QA

    15.7 miles away

    5 star reviewI had six slates fixed on my roof.allthe gutters cleand.good cheep job...


Top builders in Alton

  • J and P Building Services - Yateley

    16 Fieldfare Avenue, Yateley, GU46 6PD

    14.3 miles away

    5 star reviewThank you John, Paul and team. Our garage conversion is great. You carried out the work within the time given ...

  • KAM Construction - Sandhurst

    6 Green Lane, Sandhurst, GU47 9AG

    15.7 miles away

    5 star reviewVery good builders and and really friendly bunch of guys. Chris is highly professional and was brilliant through everything. I ...

  • Axa Build & Maintenance - Brookwood, Woking

    263 Connaught Road, Brookwood, Woking, GU24 0AE

    17.9 miles away

    1 star reviewSteer clear! No reply to emails, no return calls when promised, no one will take calls except for girl who ...


Top audio visual consultants in Alton

Audio Visual Consultants yet to be reviewed


Top gardeners in Alton


Top painter decorators in Alton

Painter Decorators yet to be reviewed


Top removal services in Alton

  • MGP Removals - Kingsclere, Newbury

    9 Strokins Road, Kingsclere, Newbury, RG20 5RH

    16.9 miles away

    5 star reviewIf the delivery is as good as the initial service I have received then I will certainly rate it ...

  • Sunnyside Removals - Fleet

    Cove Road, Fleet, GU51 2RT

    12.2 miles away

    5 star reviewWas delighted with the thoroughly professional way in which they moved me from Ireland to UK I would recommend them ...


Top kitchen design and installation in Alton

  • ABC Magnum - Aldershot

    241 High Street, Aldershot, GU11 1TJ

    11.6 miles away

    1 star reviewHad a new kitchen done by this company a few years back and have had plumbing problems ever since would ...


Top tiling contractors in Alton

Tiling Contractors yet to be reviewed


Top central heating services in Alton

  • Ultimate Plumbing & Heating - Fleet

    5 Lyndford Terrace, Fleet, GU52 7SE

    10.4 miles away

    1 star reviewDO NOT TRUST!!!! Caught him sneaking round my house looking in cupboards and drawers when I was out.


Top interior designers in Alton


Top arborist and tree surgeons in Alton


Top cctv equipment and services in Alton

CCTV Equipment and Services yet to be reviewed


Top carpenters in Alton

Carpenters yet to be reviewed


Top curtain maker and retailers in Alton

Curtain Maker and Retailers yet to be reviewed


Top curtains in Alton

Curtains yet to be reviewed


Top flooring in Alton

  • Angolds Carpets - Bagshot

    4 Guildford Road, Bagshot, GU19 5JH

    19.1 miles away

    1 star reviewSuper nice guy who I assume owns the business but having had 3 quotes his was double one and 40% ...

  • ScS - Farnborough

    Solartron Retail Park Solartron Road, Farnborough, GU14 7QL

    13.4 miles away

    1 star reviewHave been twice to scs farnborough and both times the sales assistants especially one was very pushy, sarcastic and ...


Top welders in Alton

Welders yet to be reviewed


Top solar energy equipment suppliers in Alton

Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers yet to be reviewed


Top air conditioning contractors in Alton

Air Conditioning Contractors yet to be reviewed


Top double glazing installers in Alton

  • Woods Row Builders - Waterlooville

    88 Downhouse Road, Waterlooville, PO8 0TY

    14.7 miles away

    1 star reviewVery disappointed...we paid good money for roof repaired, ceiling leaking...only last month..now the same roof ceiling still leaking, damaging floor ...


Top architectural designers in Alton


Top deck builders in Alton

Deck Builders yet to be reviewed


Top pest control in Alton

Pest Control yet to be reviewed


Top fencing in Alton

Fencing yet to be reviewed


Top conservatory supply and installation in Alton

  • A B Conservatories - Tadley

    12 Selborne Walk, Tadley, RG26 4JU

    15.8 miles away

    4 star reviewAb conservatories done a wonderful job of our conservatory. We love it!

  • Dayview Home Improvements - Little Sandhurst

    High Street, Little Sandhurst, GU47 8LJ

    15.9 miles away

    2 star reviewMy double-glazing was installed by Dayview Conservatories Ltd (prior to liquidation and prior to the establishment of the above company ...


Top doors in Alton

Doors yet to be reviewed


Top surveyors in Alton

Surveyors yet to be reviewed


Top bathrooms in Alton

  • Oakwood Bespoke - Camberley

    80 High Street, Camberley, GU15 3RS

    16.4 miles away

    1 star reviewJust appalling. Terrible customer service, made loads of mistakes in our new kitchen then didn't want to know when it ...

  • Lunns - Farnborough

    169-175 Lynchford Road, Farnborough, GU14 6HD

    13.3 miles away

    1 star reviewOrdered a washer which was sent by courier, almost doubling the price (for something that could've just been put in ...